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On December 18, 2019, the U.S. Congress voted on articles of impeachment against Pres. Donald J Trump. There were two votes – the first was on abuse of power, the second was on obstruction of Congress. 20 years ago the cypherpunks of the new internet era came up with vast ideas describing privacy, anonymity, and encryption. Some of them brought these ideas to practice. The Vacate Manifesto: How Today’s Technology Can Solidify Abolitionist Goals Regardless of how well Bitcoin and Ethereum does, cryptocurrency is an antifragile movement, it may be severely weakened by events but it's never going to go away. It had a value long before finance got involved with it (I still remember when a bitcoin was worth 50$ and I couldn't believe it then), and it survived the collapse of Mt. Gox back in 2014, which was the real test of its ability to Seven days ago Bitcoin’s network difficulty saw the largest drop in nine years as it slid over 16% last week. Similar to the crypto asset’s price, the hashrate has been extremely volatile Stefan Molyneux. 0 comment “Almost” A novel by Freedomain Host Stefan Molyneux. Click here to subscribe to the feed ‘Almost’ is the story of two English brothers, Tom and Reginald, and the opposing paths they take in the years and events leading up to the Second World War. • My family is half German, half English. • Various family members fought on both sides of the Second World Philosopher Stefan Molyneux takes you into the deep and hidden history of this terrible day. You will never see this killing the same way again. Please note that I got some updated local information about the location of Ahmaud's mother's house, so I removed the "length of run" references! SOURCES: Stefan Molyneux. 0 comment. Real Time Relationships: The Logic of Love . Some of the greatest movies of the past ten years explored what it is like to live in an illusion. “The Sixth Sense,” “Fight Club” – and, greatest of all, “The Matrix.” Let’s start with a spoiler or two, shall we? In “The Matrix,” a young man is awakened from a computer-generated imaginary world to 2649 Bitcoin, Internet Freedom and Liberation - Stefan Molyneux Interviewed by We Are Change. A must listen show. Generational male exploitation, not paying for sex, hypergamy games, the demonization of male sexuality and #killallmen. 2650 Estrogen Based Parasites #killallmen - Wednesday Call In Show March 26th, 2014. Stefan Molyneux speaks about addiction and the war on drugs at the World One very vocal supporter of Bitcoin, Stefan Molyneux, has for example argued that this technology, if implemented universally, will put an end to wars, as wars are financed through money printing by governments controlling fiat currencies – as a point in fact, he argues, the gold standard was abandoned in order to finance the Vietnam war. Therefore, a shift to peer-to-peer based On February 24th, 2018, Stefan Molyneux appeared at 'A Night For Freedom' in Washington, DC to discuss the magnitude of the decisions we each make every single day and the far reaching impact those choices can have on a long enough timeline. For the purpose of illustration, Stefan Molyneux looks at Sigmund Freud's cowardice when met with opposition and how he sold out sexually abused children

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